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How to smoke cannabis without excessive?

purplekush By purplekush December 13, 2021

Every smoker starts from a novice, and learning how to smoke cannabis is the first step in every smoker’s journey. Since breathing is a natural process that occurs thousands of times a day, it is strange to think about “how to breathe”. Nonetheless, all people who smoke for the first time start somewhere, and proper breathing techniques are essential to maximize the cannabis experience.

Most people who smoke for the first time do not inhale the smoke into their lungs. If the smoke is not completely inhaled into the lungs, it will only enter the throat and nasal cavity, thereby absorbing THC, thereby wasting valuable cannabinoids. This is why many first-time tokers fail to get high.


How to smoke cannabis properly?

The correct inhalation technique stems from the same basic principles and will vary slightly depending on whether you’re smoking a joint, hitting a bong, or using a vaporizer.

When you smoke, you burn cannabis to the point of burning and inhale the smoke, transporting cannabinoids into your blood. Smoking may cause lung pain, so it is important to perform slow, controlled suction to minimize irritation. Start with shallow inhalations and draw more deeply as you progress and become more comfortable.

This is a convenient technique to ensure that your lungs absorb the maximum amount of THC: slowly inhale two-thirds of the THC, then take a deep breath. Fresh air pushes cannabis smoke down into the lungs, which should improve the absorption of THC. There is no need to hold your breath for a long time. THC and other cannabinoids may act as bronchodilators, which means they can increase airflow and accelerate absorption.

After smoking cannabis for the first time, consider waiting for 5-10 minutes to observe the start of the effects, and then decide if you need more.

How to avoid excessive smoking?

Some cannabis consumption methods are more demanding than others. Blunts and spliffs include tobacco, which damages the lungs. Joints and pipes that only contain cannabis may be less harmful. Similarly, smoking cannabis from a pipe or bubbler, filtering through water to cool the pungent cannabis cigarette.

Start slow as you pull through your pipe or bong, start slowly, and breathe in fresh air after you have cleaned the room. Swallowing can help you fully absorb THC. When you become more comfortable and understand how to control the dose, you can always strike deeper.

Compared with smoke, vaporized weeds are less irritating to the lungs, but many cannabis consumers report that using this method produces more intense irritation. Cannabis evaporates at a temperature much lower than its burning point, thereby retaining the cannabinoids and terpenes lost during the burning process.

When smoking cannabis, whether it is oily or flowery, it’s better to take shallower hits and hold them for slightly less time than you would hold cannabis smoke. Take some time between clicks to evaluate how you feel and decide if you want to consume more.

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