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Old-time MoM customers most certainly know of Cheapweed, apart from the many new MoM shops opening each month. Tony, the owner of Cheapweed, was one of the few top bulk sellers of medicinal marijuana in Canada. Until recently, many customers were shipped empty boxes in June 2019. This affected hundreds of customers who lost their […]

How an Ancient Virus Created Cannabis

Researchers at the U of T have found that an ancient virus created and colonized the effects of what we know as THC and CBD today. These bioactive substances are used medicinally and recreationally around the world. The world’s first cannabis chromosome map revealed the plant’s evolutionary past and points to its future as a […]

Why is B.C. home to the finest cannabis in the world?

  Most picture this province as a beautiful province full of lush forests and beautiful mountains topped with white powder, riding along the inlet of the Pacific Ocean. But this province is known across the globe is not only its natural beauty but a product in which is known as BC bud. Some believe its […]

Winner of our Guess-The-Weight Contest

Congratulations to our “Guess-The-Weight” contest winner Dartman1313!! Coming in with the closest guess of 153g, while our entire jar of AAAA Black Diamond came to 153.7g. We had so many close guesses! We would like to thank everyone who participated. Please join our mailing list for future give-away and contests Your family @ Canada’s […]

Guess the Weight Contest

CONGRATULATIONS TO @DARTMAN1313 WHO GUESSED THE CORRECT WEIGHT OF 153 GRAMS FOR OUR GUESS THE WEIGHT CONTEST! **MASSIVE GIVEAWAY CONTEST** Happy holidaze from TheHighClub.  We are happy to announce our “Guess The Weight” contest during this season of giving! Guess the correct amount of grams in this jar and the winner of this contest will […]