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How to store weeds properly?

purplekush By purplekush November 16, 2021

If you want your weeds to last longer and maintain their quality, proper storage of weeds is a must. Whether you store it for long periods of time or just until the weekend, where you put the weeds plays a big role in their taste and potency. In this guide, we will show you the best way to store weeds so that you can always have high-quality weeds.

The importance of proper storage of cannabis

So why is the storage method of marijuana important? We can’t put it in a sandwich bag and say it’s okay? If you want it to last, don’t. The problem with improper storage is that if your weeds are exposed to too much air, you risk reducing quality. If it is too humid, your weeds may become moldy. But a properly balanced environment will make your weeds fragrant, fluffy, and powerful.


The best way to store weeds

After the cannabis flower is treated and fully stored, its shelf life can reach one year or more. Although buying properly cured marijuana is the first step, you can follow these common sense tips to keep marijuana fresh for a long time.

1. Keep it Cool

High temperatures will cause the hemp to dry out and the terpenes will evaporate. This means you should not put it in a heater, water system, or outdoors. But you should also avoid freezing temperatures, because they can rupture the delicate trichomes and make your buds useless. Closets, drawers, or dark corners should work well.

2. Keep it dark

Similarly, ultraviolet light can fade or sunburn your favorite shirt, and it can also break down the cannabinoids and terpenes in your weeds. Make sure your container is always stored in a dark place and don’t let your weeds get exposed to the sun.

3. Keep it Away From Moisture

The best way is to expose moldy weeds to moisture. But good weeds should not be too dry or they will cause the degradation of cannabinoids and terpenoids. The key is to maintain a proper humidity level, ideally between 59% and 63% relative humidity. Therefore, we do not recommend storing cannabis in the refrigerator. Fluctuations in temperature and humidity increase the chance of mold growth.

4. Keep it Clean

Make sure that any containers you use are clean and free of dirt and grime that could contain bacteria or mold spores.

5. Container

The rule of thumb for storing weeds is that glass is best and you should avoid metal or plastic. Although plastics and metals can be used in a short period of time, they will start to affect the aroma and taste after a period of time. Plastic is also prone to static electricity, which can cause trichomes to fall off the weeds and stick to the sides of the container. Your best choice is glass because it is sealed and non-porous.

If you are using wooden containers, do not use cigar humidors, as they will make your weeds taste like cedar. The special humidor for hemp is made of other types of wood and will not affect the taste. However, remember that wood is not as useful as glass for the life of weeds.

Products that contain hemp, such as foods and other types of perishable foods, have their own guidelines, so store and refrigerate as directed. Be sure to use it within the specified validity period and keep it in the original container. Tinctures and concentrates can also degrade due to light, heat and humidity. So be sure to put them in a cool, dry, dark place.

We just provide you with a lot of information about cannabis storage, but don’t put too much emphasis on storing weeds. We think the best way is to smoke marijuana in time. In this way, it is always guaranteed fresh!

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