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How to distinguish high-quality cannabis?

purplekush By purplekush November 3, 2021

1. Smell: Cannabis grown and pickled according to the highest standards usually has a pungent and pleasant aroma. Flowers that emit a strong fragrance are often referred to as having a “damp” or “loud” smell, indicating the overall quality of the flower. There are many terms for the type of aroma that high-quality cannabis emits, including skunk, diesel, and pine. The common point is that a flower with a good smell is unique, spicy, and unmistakable. The stronger the fragrance, the more subtle the experience.


2. Look: High-end flowers, like fresh and healthy agricultural products, provide some visual cues to help you determine their quality. Although all good cannabis is visually attractive, the varieties on the shelves can easily display a series of bright colors. High-quality flowers are usually dark green with burning orange or red hairs. They can also express colors from deep purple to bright blue.

Another important visual indicator of good weeds is the number and viability of trichomes. The trichomes are tiny, gleaming, crystalline appendages on the surface of plants that produce and maintain the compounds responsible for the smell, taste, and effects of flowers. The more frosty hairs you can see with the naked eye, the more you can tell the intoxicating and healing power of this flower.

3. Feel: When you touch or gently squeeze the flower on the top shelf with your fingers, it should be sticky and a little spongy. The stem should snap off and the flower bud should separate relatively easily, but when you touch it, it should not be completely dry or chipped. Alternatively, flower buds should not be too wet or too soft, as they have a higher chance of developing or containing mold or mildew.

4. Flower structure: carefully cultivated and pickled flowers tend to be light and fluffy in shape and composition, while the flower structure of indica tends to be compact and dense. Although the structure and experience you end up with usually have nothing to do with each other. Hard flowers indicate that the grower may have used plant growth regulators, which can lead to unpleasant tastes. Extremely fluffy flowers may be a sign that the plant is not growing under sufficient light intensity and not being cultivated according to its potential.

The High Club can provide you with the highest quality legal cannabis in Canada. Because we have strict planting requirements for growers, we can produce the highest specifications of cannabis. We support multiple payment methods, protect your privacy, and can quickly and safely ship items to various places in Canada.

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