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Will marijuana expire? Learn how to store marijuana properly

purplekush By purplekush October 25, 2021

Will marijuana expire? Absolutely! Even after proper maintenance, the shelf life of dried flowers is limited. Typical estimates of the duration of cannabis range from one to two years.

The assessment of one to two years assumes that you know how to store weeds properly and use enough weed containers. Otherwise, you will soon find that your flower buds are growing mold. Or, your weeds will become less effective due to exposure. THC is gradually broken down into CBN (cannabidiol), which has different effects on the brain. High temperature, light and excessive oxygen will accelerate this decomposition.

In order to protect your cannabis, you need to know the best way to store cannabis and all the factors that may affect the freshness of cannabis.


Four factors that reduce the freshness of cannabis

  1. Humidity
  2. Light
  3. Temperature
  4. Air

How to keep marijuana fresh and avoid the four major hazards

When you want to know “Will marijuana expire?”, realize that when you know how to store marijuana properly, the shelf life of marijuana will be longer.

Here are five tips to help you understand how to keep cannabis fresh and the best way to store it:

Make sure your cannabis is completely cured – if the cannabis you get is still “wet” or fresh, hang it upside down for three to four days. Then, put it in an airtight container and open the lid every two days or so to “hiccup” to release moist air.

Obtain a relative humidity monitor – the ideal relative humidity (RH) range for curing cannabis is between 59% and 63%. You can use desiccant products or purchase a special hygrometer type container to maintain this level.

Put the marijuana in an airtight container – the last thing you want is to change your breath. Seal the cannabis with a can or other container that can lock the freshness of the cannabis.

Do not use plastic or cedar cigar boxes – glass is the best material for storing cannabis because it is easy to seal and does not impart bad taste, which is different from plastic or wooden containers such as cedar cigar boxes.

Store in a cool, dark place – most people hide weeds out of sight, which is fine. Choose a closet or drawer on the lower level of the house. Higher levels tend to collect heat. In addition, avoid getting close to electronic devices or other heat sources that may cause temperature differences.

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