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Effects: Euphoria, Excitement, Intense visuals
Potency: Above Average
If you purchase this product you will earn 33-1300 Points! Worth $0.66-$26.00!
If you purchase this product you will earn 33-1300 Points! Worth $0.66-$26.00!
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What is Yeti?

Yeti is a strain that’s part of a new generation of magic mushrooms. We mean that Yeti has all the perfect shroom characteristics while being absolutely unique. One look at Yeti, and you’ll be sure that you’ve seen a monster. Once you try Yeti magic mushrooms, you’ll be in for an incredible experience like none other. Intense audio and visual hallucinations will greet you as you ride into the cosmos. This strain is excellent for experienced psychonauts who want to try the latest and greatest.

The Yeti shrooms are characterized by thick, fleshy, and creamy white stems. The Yeti has one of the thickest stems we’ve seen. The thick stems are easily bruised when harvested and stored. The bruising of magic mushrooms indicates that there is psilocybin present, the bruising is psilocyn (another active ingredient in the magic mushroom) reacting with the loss of hydrogen. The caps of Yeti are very small and barely open. This strain is tough to grow because the caps do not open very wide thus spreading spores is a slow process.

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